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Not satisfied with your old hard drive’s performance?

Whenever you turn on your computer, you’re automatically using your storage drive. Storage is one of the most critical parts of your PC because you wouldn’t be able to save documents, photos, videos, or any other file without it.
Unfortunately, traditional hard drives are lacking in several departments, namely speed, durability, and performance. If you find these issues affect how much you enjoy using your computer or laptop, then it’s high time to start considering an upgrade.

  • Give your system a boost with the Internal SSD from COTT!

Unlike traditional hard disk drives (HDD), our Solid State Drives (SSD) use flash memory to store and access data. As a result, It has no mechanical moving parts, making a massive difference in the way it operates.
Because of the absence of such components, our internal SSDs are much more durable since they could break. SSD also allows for much faster computing since it can send data to the processor almost instantly. Our SSDs boast up to 6GB/s of reading and writing speeds.
With their speed and reliability, our SSDs are an excellent choice for both home and business setups. They offer comprehensive computing performance suitable for new PC builds, servers, highly transactional databases, and system builders.

Computer Storage

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